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Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1975, living in NYC since 2014
Phone +1 347-735-2726 
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BrickHouse Ceramic Art Center 

Continuing Education, Handbuilding and Wheel, 2021 - 2024

MAM -Museu de Arte Moderna SP
Curso de Arte Moderna e Contemporanea  2022 

Greenwich House Pottery Continuing Education,
Paper Clay, 2022
Chemistry Of Craft, 2022

Greenwich House Pottery Continuing Education,
Surface Techniques , 2021/2022


Terra Sigillata and Other Firing Techniques 

Stela Kehde, 2022

Greenwich House Pottery 
Continuing Education, Moldmaking and Slipcasting , 2021
Choplet Ceramics Studio 
Continuing Education, Handbuilding and Wheel, 2018/2019
IED Institute Europeo Design 
Continuing Education,Coolhunting 2011 
Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado 2005/200
 Enviromental Science 
Centro Universitario Senac 
Continuing Education, Environmental Education 2001/2002
Universo da Cor 
Continuing Education, Pattern making 
Panamericana Escola de arte e Design 
Continuing Education, Drawing 2005 /2007


"Outside/ Outsiders" 
Local Project, LIC , NY ,Group Exhibition 
May 2021, Curator Norma Homberg
"Members Showcase" , LIC- A 
Plaxall Gallery , Art Center LIC-A ,NY, Group Exhibition 
 June 2021, Curator Carol Crawford 

"Welcome Back" 
Maggy Peyton  Gallery ,NY , Group Exhibition
October 2021, Curator Jean Sonderand 

WorkShop Paper and Color Collage Technics with Dea Segatto
New York City Artist Grant, The Clement , NY
October 2021

Viva La Memento Mori 
AHA Fine Art, NY, Group Exhibition 
October, 2021 , Curator Alexis Mendonza 

Lic-A Atlantic Fall 2021 
Atlantic Gallery , NY, Group Exhibition 
November, 2021, Curator  Carol Crowford 

A Queens Fine Art Spring Af(Fair) 
Plaxall Gallery , Art Center LIC-A ,NY, Group Exhibition 
April, 2022  Curator Norma Homberg 

Life Aquatic 
Atelier Canal , NY, Group Exhibition
July, 2022 , Curator Ellen Sturm Niz 

Eclipse Gallery , Lansdale, PA 
August, 2022 

Local Project, NY, Group Exhibition 
November, 2022  Curator Tim Kelly

Off The Wall 
Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY, Group Exhibition  
December, 2022 Curator Norma Homberg


Queens Fine Art Spring Fair, 

Plaxell Gallery, NY, Group Exhibition 

April 2023, Curator Norma Homberg  

Off the wall, 

Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY, Group Exhibition 

November 2023, Curator Norma Homberg 

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