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Born in Sao Paulo 1975, living in NYC since 2014
Phone +1 347-735-2726 
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"Outside/ Outsiders" 
Local Project, LIC , NY ,Group Exhibition 
May 2021, Curator Norma Homberg
"Members Showcase" , LIC- A 
Plaxall Gallery , Art Center LIC-A ,NY, Group Exhibition 
 June 2021, Curator Carol Crawford 

"Welcome Back" 
Maggy Peyton  Gallery ,NY , Group Exhibition
October 2021, Curator Jean Sonderand 

WorkShop Paper and Color Collage Technics with Dea Segatto
New York City Artist Grant, The Clement , NY
October 2021

Viva La Memento Mori 
AHA Fine Art, NY, Group Exhibition 
October, 2021 , Curator Alexis Mendonza 

Lic-A Atlantic Fall 2021 
Atlantic Gallery , NY, Group Exhibition 
November, 2021, Curator  Carol Crowford 

A Queens Fine Art Spring Af(Fair) 
Plaxall Gallery , Art Center LIC-A ,NY, Group Exhibition 
April, 2022  Curator Norma Homberg 

Life Aquatic 
Atelier Canal , NY, Group Exhibition
July, 2022 , Curator Ellen Sturm Niz 

Eclipse Gallery , Lansdale, PA 
August, 2022 

Local Project, NY, Group Exhibition 
November, 2022  Curator Tim Kelly

Off The Wall 
Plaxall Gallery, NY, Group Exhibition  
December, 2022 Curator Norma Homberg


MAM -Museu de Arte Moderna SP
Curso de Arte Moderna e Contemporanea  2022 

Greenwich House Pottery Continuing Education,
Paper Clay, 2022
Chemistry Of Craft, 2022

Greenwich House Pottery Continuing Education,
Surface Techniques , 2021/2022

BrickHouse Ceramic Art Center , 2021/2022

Continuing Education,  Handbuilding and Wheel, 2021/2022
Greenwich House Pottery 
Continuing Education, Moldmaking and Slipcasting , 2021
Choplet Ceramics Studio 
Continuing Education, Handbuilding and Wheel, 2018/2019
IED institute Europeo Design 
Continuing Education,Coolhunting 2011 
Fundacao Armando alvares Penteado 2005/200
 Enviromental Science 
Centro Universitario Senac 
Continuing Education, Environmental Education 2001/2002
Universo da Cor 
Continuing Education, Pattern making 
Panamericana Escola de arte e Design 
Continuing Education, Drawing 2005 /2007

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