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An explosion is a milestone between two distinct moments: one before and one after.

The phenomenon releases energy suddenly, causing waves of pressure in what is around, and can have a positive or negative result. Taking an “explosion” as metaphor, Breaking Point emerged, a work that integrates the phase in which at the time, several concomitant feelings, often antagonistic, were triggered in my life, which culminated in a transition during the pandemic - a before and an after.

Although arising from a personal experience, the metaphor of a Breaking Point is universal.

In this work, I continue the transcription of dogmas on objects that characterizes the phase, this time on dynamites.

There are five sculptures that behave like true tablets, with the writings “Woman Power”, “Happiness”, “Freedom” and “Time”.

These are not random words, but lessons learned from experience.

They carry the idea of empowerment, fulfillment, and also patience. Only one piece is different: the golden one, which does not have any writing.
Some may understand it as a trophy or gold medal for achievements after the explosion.

When contacting scriptures in objects that symbolize a potent turning point, the public can have this work as a tool for information, empowerment and transformation. 

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