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In Rebirth, I explore the concept of resilience, which is the ability to bounce back from hardship.

The ceramic pieces were produced, in which the central structure was molded with a fast food noodle container, from which corals come out. One of the pieces has debris around it.

You can see all kinds of ocean garbage, like bottle caps, pieces of plastic, a camera and even a piece of grenade, referring to another work of my own.

The potency of a system or organization to recover from a crisis is an important characteristic of reefs.

From the rubble, a primitive animal emerges – but with the capacity to develop and to reach the level of power of being fundamental to all life on Earth.

The two works also feature a choir installed on one side, functioning as a curtain or a crown embracing the central structure. It gives the work a spatial positioning feature with front and back. Thus, as people move around the sculpture, they access the side where the transformation process is visible or the side where an imposing choir stands upright in full power. 


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